Ecoimpianti Technologies Construction and assembly of plastics processing plants

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Floating Bed, Static Bed, Packing Plates, EL-AS, Impact Scrubber are the five types of Scrubbers made by Ecoimpianti Technologies Visit the section: Scrubber/Torri di Abbattimento 
Biofiltration (or biological purification) of the air is an exothermic process of aerobic degradation. This natural, ecological and economical technology is based on the decomposition and metabolisation of odorous and/or harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC) that are present in the air to be treated. Visit the section: Biofiltri 

Galvanic plants customized

Thanks to our team of technicians with years of experience, Ecopianti Technologies designs, builds and assembles galvanising plants, producing the load-bearing structures in metal and the tanks made out of plastic materials suitable for the different baths. Visit the section: Impianti Galvanici 

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