Ecoimpianti Technologies Construction and assembly of plastics processing plants

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Every plant in the galvanic industry, both of the static and barrel plating types, is tailor-made for the specific needs of the customer. Ecoimpianti Technologies is committed to offering customers components and/or parts of such type of galvanic plants that are well built and above all focused on the finishings and the sizes…
Thanks to our technicians’ years of experience and the know-how developed in the field, Ecoimpianti Technologies produces components and parts for circular galvanizing plants, designing and building new, bigger structures that satisfy the needs of higher productivity and increase the quality of nickel and chromium deposits. Our circular galvanising plants offer high productivity,…
Thanks to our team of technicians with years of experience, Ecoimpianti Technologies designs, builds and assembles components and parts in plastic for galvanising plants.... Visit the section: Impianti Galvanici 

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