Ecoimpianti Technologies Construction and assembly of plastics processing plants

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Ecoimpianti Technologies produces: industrial fans made out of: PP, PVC, PE fans made out of anti-static and self-extinguishing materials carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium fans


Tanks made from plastic materials. Ecoimpianti Technologies produces polypropylene, polyethylene and PVC tanks for the storage of corrosive substances. See also Antacid Coatings – Coatings
 PP, PVDF, PE heat exchangers
Construction of tanks made out of POLYPROPYLENE, PVC, POLYETHYLENE, PVDF.To meet your needs, containment tanks are made with dimensions and load-bearing reinforcements, and completely coated in the most suitable thermoplastic material. In addition, repairs and PVC or moplen re-coating are carried out on the existing tanks in the plants, concrete storage tanks and…
The construction of booths for PVC powder coating according to the customer’s designs and specifications. All of the sheets used in the construction of the cabins are: milled under numerical control; adequately reinforced (also to be supported by a metal structure); welded and finished in order to obtain maximum accuracy during assembly. In…
Coatings in plastic materials, such as PP, PVC, PE, PVDF… for different plant sectors that require anti-corrosive coating. Our technicians have operated for decades, constructing plastic components for plants which supply the following industries: steel and metallurgical chemical and pharmaceutical electronics surface finishing