Ecoimpianti Technologies Construction and assembly of plastics processing plants

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Circular Galvanic Plants (components and parts)

Thanks to our technicians’ years of experience and the know-how developed in the field, Ecoimpianti Technologies produces components and parts for circular galvanizing plants, designing and building new, bigger structures that satisfy the needs of higher productivity and increase the quality of nickel and chromium deposits.

Our circular galvanising plants offer high  productivity, thanks to  two racks  for each arm in a contained space (about 10 m diameter) as  the tanks have a circular development by "segment".

To optimize the performance of circular galvanising plants,  we design, build and install robots to load/unload the racks from the plant to an external air carrier with a route catering for our customer’s every space-related need. 

Therefore, your staff will only have the task of attaching and detaching the parts from the racks thereby avoiding the efforts of handling the heavy racks.

When installing the air carrier, you can request the installation of the drying oven for the treated parts and the continuous de-metallisation of racks. 

To avoid replacing the existing stock of racks, which would involve a substantial expenditure on behalf of the customer, we design custom systems that can be applied to the racks so that robots can move them safely.