Ecoimpianti Technologies Construction and assembly of plastics processing plants

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Static and barrel plating Galvanic Plants (components and parts)

Every plant in the galvanic  industry, both of the static and barrel plating types, is tailor-made for the specific needs of the customer. Ecoimpianti Technologies is committed to offering customers components and/or parts of such type of galvanic plants that are well built and above all focused on the finishings and the sizes of the parts to be treated. 

From the time we give you an estimate, we work with you to understand and meet your needs and provide efficient service.

Each specific request is subjected to careful analysis and then passed on to the design implementation phase of the tailor-made solutions. With our customised  and tailor-made projects we provide solutions  for different needs using components available on the market together with parts specifically made and designed for each individual project.


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