Ecoimpianti Technologies Construction and assembly of plastics processing plants

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Pickling Plants

Ecoimpianti Technologies constructs pickling, degreasing, passivation plants and  metal surface pre-treatment plants by means of chemical solutions with the relevant equipment for the  extraction/abatement of fumes and their derivative vapours.  

All of the equipment parts can be built in our factory: 

  • the appropriate painted carbon steel frame of the tanks
  • the complete coating in quality certified thermoplastic materials
  • the equipment for the extraction/abatement of fumes
  • the storage and pipelines

The welding is carried out with the most advanced equipment on the market (polyfusion and extrusion) by dvs certified technicians with years of experience. 

The equipment can be supplied with: 

  • tank outlet and inlet with piping 
  • possible storage and/or purification of chemical solutions from the treatment process
  • walkways also made in plastic material
  • extractor hoods
  • tower for the neutralisation of fumes and harmful vapours 

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